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Fix Linksys Router Disconnects Frequently

Linksys is one of the best router manufacturing company. Users always prefer it for its good features and its medium price range. But sometimes users want to know how to troubleshoot Linksys Router disconnects frequently. It is quite disturbing and has many reasons behind this. If you are using outdated firmware, then you may face this issue. The other probable reasons are a defect or damage cable, poor internet connection, incompatible MTU size, frequency interference from other wireless devices, network card issue or driver issue. Possible Solutions To Fix Linksys Router Disconnects Frequently By any chance, if you are also confronting the same issue, then you need to go through the article and solve it as soon as possible.

Here are some excellent hacks you can choose.

Method 1: Uninstall Network Adapter Driver In many cases uninstalling the network adapter driver can solve the issue as well. To do so, at first, press and hold down the Windows and R keys altogether from the keyboard to launch the Run Box. After that, in the top search box type the command as Devmgmt.msc and then tap on the Enter key. Now show the list and select the wireless driver by right-clicking on it. Then, tap on the option Uninstall. Now, select the driver's files you want to uninstall. Let your device to uninstall the files. After removing the network adapter driver, you need to reboot your system. While the rebooting process completed, your device will automatically recognize it and install the wireless driver suitable for it. But in some instances, you have to install the drivers manually.

Method 2: Update Router Firmware At first, go to the web browser from your device which is connected to the network. For better result, you can use an Ethernet cable to connect your machine for updating the firmware as it may need much use of the internet. Now, type the address In the Linksys router login page, you need to put the username and the password. If you did not change the passcode prior, then put Admin in both username and password box. In case if you forget the password then choose the option Forget Password and change the password. Now, click on Advanced settings icon, then tap on Administration. After that, tap on the icon Firmware Update or Router Update, it may vary depending upon your devices. Finally, select the icon Check. The router may take some time to verify your processing. Thus, you need to wait for a few minutes. In case if you find any available update then install it. And lastly, tap on Yes.

Method 3: Try Another USB Port And Computer Seldom a damaged cable may leave you puzzle and you can face the issue. In that case, you need to try another cable. At first, disconnect the router from the cable you are using. After that, attach another cable with your device. If the cable does not work, properly then you need to check the USB port of your computer. While trying with another machine ensure that it appears in device's Disk Management tab, not in This PC tab. You need to remember that some cables are only capable of charging, so be sure before plugging the cables. This process is only applicable to the wired Linksys router.

Hope this article helps you to resolve your issues and by following these steps you can easily access Linksys router. But, If you are facing some issues related to Linksys router login then go through our other posts related to Linksys router.

Learn The Best Possible Way To Reset Your Router With This Ultimate Guide For Router

Many times, it has been seen that the users forget their router's password and it prevents them to access the router. Otherwise, a fresh start is needed to access the router correctly. For that reason, it is most important to reset the router. This router reset process is a tricky one to perform. If you want to know how to reset your router, then this router setup guide will help you to know some effective and easy steps to perform the task.

Step-By-Step Guide To Reset A Router

Whenever you perform the router reset procedure, it is likely to change all the settings of your router. So, before starting the procedure, keep a backup of all the settings in a different folder. The settings that may change after resetting the router are as follows:

Router username and password.

All Firewall updates and settings.

So, keep all these things in mind and after that, start the router resetting procedure. Follow the steps mentioned below to perform the same. First of all, locate the tiny reset button at the back of your router. Then, press and hold that button with a pin for 5-10 seconds. Now, wait for some time and then, you will see all the lights on the router start blinking. After that, the blinking will cease and your router will be reset to the default factory version.

When the above procedure finishes, turn on the router and connect it with your computer or laptop. Now, restore all the backup files to the router administrative interface. After that, open the web browser and type in the search bar and hit the Enter button. It will lead you to the router login page. In the new page, fill up the USERNAME and PASSWORD fields with ADMIN and PASSWORD respectively. Now, another page will come up and from there, click on the password option and change your WiFi password as you want. After all the processes end, restart your router and the computer/laptop as well. After that, you can access your router without having any problem again.

Wrapping Up

After following this ultimate guide for Router, you will not any face any problem while performing the router resetting procedure. If you encounter any other problem while doing the task, then let us know through your comments.

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